Peshawar Zalmi v Karachi Kings PSL 2017 Schedule

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The match between Peshawar Zalmi vs Karachi Kings is scheduled to be started on 19 February 2017. The match between Karachi kings vs Peshawar Zalmi will be started at 2000 local time and 1600 GMT while 2100 PKT. The viewers will be ready to watch this exciting match between Karachi Kings v Peshawar Zalmi, which will be played at Sharjah Cricket Stadium. The viewers will check the complete schedule of the match of PZ vs KK, which will be played on the right date and time and the viewers will watch the match of KK vs PZ to get the excitement of fast play of the international players.

Match No.: Match 13
Match Title: Peshawar Zalmi v Karachi Kings
Venue: Sharjah Cricket Stadium
Date/Day: Sun Feb 19 2017
Time: GMT 16:00, PST 21:00, D/N
PSL Live Score
PSL 2 2017 Schedule & Result
9 Feb: IU vs PZ- IU won by 7 wickets
10 Feb: LQ vs QG- QG won by 8 runs
10 Feb: KK vs PZ- PZ won by 7 wickets
11 Feb: IU vs LQ- LQ won by 6 wickets
11 Feb: KK vs QG- QG won by 7 wickets
12 Feb: LQ vs PZ- PZ won by 3 wickets
15 Feb: IU vs QG- IU won by 5 wickets
16 Feb: KK vs LQ- LQ won by 7 runs
17 Feb: PZ vs QG- No Result
17 Feb: IU vs KK- KK won by 8 runs
18 Feb: QG vs LQ- QG won by 5 wickets
18 Feb: PZ vs IU- IU won by 5 wicket
19 Feb: PZ vs KK- KK won by 9 runs
20 Feb: LQ vs IU- LQ won by 1 wicket
23 Feb: QG vs KK- QG won by 6 wickets
24 Feb: PZ vs LQ- PZ won by 17 runs
24 Feb: QG vs IU- IU won by 1 run
25 Feb: LQ vs KK- KK won by 5 wickets
25 Feb: QG vs PZ- PZ won by 2 wickets
26 Feb: KK vs IU- KK won by 6 wickets
28 Feb: 1st Q Final- QG won by 1 run
1 Mar: 2nd Q Final- KK won by 44 runs
3 Mar: 3rd Q Final- PZ won by 24 runs
5 Mar: Final- PZ won by 58 runs
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